What (or who) is the Jesup Group?

The name “Jesup” of the Jesup Group provides Crowder College an opportunity to share Newton County and the surrounding area’s history in the educational pathway and development of innovators. One of the most notable innovators in America is the humanitarian, and scientist, George Washington Carver who pioneered a collaborative approach to supporting innovation and self-sufficiency in rural America.

Carver’s first educational experiences began at his home near Diamond, Missouri. Later, when Carver was approximately eleven, he received his first formal education at a segregated school for African Americans in Neosho. Years later, while teaching and conducting research at The Tuskegee Institute, George Washington Carver was inspired by Booker T. Washington and the established doctrines of self-sufficiency and self-improvement at Tuskegee. Booker T. Washington challenged his professors to take their teaching into the community.

A sketch of Carver’s Jesup Agricultural Wagon

Taking up this charge, Carver took his innovations, resources, and knowledge into communities to help rural citizens, regardless of their racial background, improve farming methods and create pathways to more sustainable and secure livelihoods. Through a generous donation from Morris K. Jesup, a New York financier, Carver created the Jesup Wagon – a moveable school to teach rural communities in the South more innovative ways to farm, allowing citizens to become more self-sufficient and develop stronger and more vibrant communities.

Through the Jesup Group, Crowder College strives to assist in the development and growth of entrepreneurship and innovation in the communities we serve in southwest Missouri and along the I-49 corridor. We are proud to continue the long tradition of inspiring and developing innovation that began with the work of one of southwest Missouri’s most notable citizens, George Washington Carver. Today we continue the work of Dr. Carver – help people become more self-sufficient and develop even stronger and more vibrant communities.